Package Tips and Shipping Address

Step 1
Align LCD Screens Face-to-Face

Packing face-to-face will protect the screen and help save space!

pack cracked screen step 1

Step 2
Align Pairs of Screens Back-to-Back

After Packing LCD Screens face-to-face pack each pair of screen back-to-back.

smart phone screen package

Step 3
Secure 5 Pairs of Screens Together

One set face-to-face the next set back-to-back. Sets of 10 ensure safety of screens during transport.

Iphone Phone Screen package

Step 4
Wrap screens in Bubble Wrap

10pcs LCD Screens in one bundle needs to be securely wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the screens during shipping.

Iphone phone screen replacement package

Step 5
Prepare box for shipment

Each bubble wrapped set of screen should be securely placed and all empty spaces should be filled with packing peanuts.

cracked iphone phone screen buyback package

Step 6
Submit Contact Form

Fill out the form HERE to request a FREE shipping label!

Shipping address:

Ensign Freight LTD

Unit 01-09, 21/F., Tower 1, Ever Gain Plaza,

88 Container Port Road,

Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Attn: HK Easte Technology

Tel: 852 3762 6712

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