Power Battery Recycling

Duo to the rapid developement of the new energy vehicle industry, many Scrap power battery wastes occur to our daily life. Lithium-ion battery contains cobalt, nickel, copper, iron etc can be reused, recovery, recycling.

Lcddisplayrecycling expand business recycle bulk power battery, especially for Tesla power battery Buyback. We specialize in Lithium-ion Battery and LiFePO4 Battery Pack, such as cylindrical Battery Cell, such as 18650, 21700, 26650. We also need Polymer Battery recycling, Prismatic Battery recycling in bulk.

Welcome used electric vehicle service cooperation. If you have enough quantity with good price, pls kindly let us know working conditions, qty etc all details. we will estimated good price for them, turn into your wastes into cash, Contact Us Now!

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