Lcddisplayrecycling Buyback Program

Lcddisplayrecycling Buyback Program

We offer some of the highest Buyback pricing in Europe for a large selection of branded LCM Displays, full devices, logic boards, flex cables, batteries and electronics components.

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Maximum value,  Minimum delay.

Lcddisplayrecycling is the leader in consumer electronic value recovery, providing the highest possible value on branded LCD displays, full devices, logic boards, batteries, electronics components. Our fast and effective triage process takes into account a full spectrum of issues to offer you the greatest possible value for your displays.

Cracked LCD Screen Buyback

All grades of Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Google LCDs.

Full devices

All  damaged MacBook smartphone and tablet logic boards without water-damaged.

Logic boards

All damaged MacBook smartphone and tablet logic boards with no water-damaged.


Flex cables

Camera, dock connector, induction sensor, power, and volume flex cables


All non-drilled, original laptop, smartphone and tablet batteries


Wide range of original mobile phone, tablet and laptop accessories, such as original Apple AirPods.

Lcddisplayrecycling Commitment

Lcddisplayrecycling is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our digital devices by providing replacement parts to extend their life. We have expanded this effort by repairing and recycling broken screens and improving our broken screen buyback program. Our Buyback program is 100% profitable; you are paid for the disposal of your electronic goods and participate in a recycling process beneficial for our planet. Contact us so that we can buy back your screens and reduce your waste.

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