Swap Program

SWAP Program means you send us your cracked glass screens to be swapped for factory specification screens installed.

Swap Program Pricing

Your used Cracked Screen Value Minus repaired ok cost=The balance amount Calculation.

Swap Program Model

For iPhone 7
For iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
iPhone XR
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
For iPad Mini4
For iPad Air 2
For Samsung S8 With Frame
For iPad Pro 9.7
For iPad Pro 10.5
For iPad Pro 12.9 1st Gen
For iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen
Samsung Swap Program
For Galaxy S8 Plus with Frame
For Samsung S9 with Frame
For Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with Frame

SWAP Process

Easy Steps for swap order.

Place a SWAP Request Order      RECEIVE SWAP TOKEN    Place your Order

Upon Arrival on your shipment, we will send a secondary email informing you that the shipment has been checked and tested. You will get swap pictures or videos of test report exact all details.
Start now

Swap is a business service for repair shop owners to take in good screen which are broken glass and get it “swapped” for a new one for a fraction of the price. This keeps your parts cost below market price and still leaving a meaningful margin for the shop owner to make, while still maintain the quality of the display assurance and giving your customers a premium LCD display back.

  • No need to wait a week for the testing.
  •  You are able to get small payout as at the end of the day where there is 4-5 trades that need to get the displays handed over before it gets reclaimed, go back up to supply chain and into the repair store.
  • SWAP allows you to cut out the value recovery process and make you more profit for the repair.

We recommend that the shop owner choose that is important to them and is the best seller in his store. The will initially requires 2-3 pieces (or any items sold every week) to be stored on the shelf. Initially, they reduced maintenance costs at a very aggressive price, and his profit margin would be lower. Then the shop owner is ready to start the cycle of the SWAP program. At the end of the week, they grabbed all the good exhibits with broken glass and mailed them to the SWAP program. They don’t need to pay for shipping labels. Once the display items arrive at our warehouse around the same day, we will provide tokens to the store owner to allow them to buy new ones at a low price.

How will it benefit the shop owner ?

As the Industry is changing, most of the higher displays are much more expensive which prevents many shop owners to be successful in getting a repair in the door. With the SWAP Program, it brings not only more margin per repair, but also more repairs.

What is Considered Fully Functional & Minor Damage ?

For iPhone OLED display models, the fully functional OLED panel must be good and must not have any black dots/burn marks/green dots or bullet marks. Poor touch to the display will cause minor damage.

For the iPhone LCD display model, a good LCD panel and a good digitizer must be fully functional. SWAP will still accept backlight issues or previously recycled issues, but they fall into the category of minor damage.

For the iPad LCD display model, the full-featured LCD panel must be a good LCD panel. Backlight issues including waves/white spots/dust will meet the SWAP standard and be accepted, but fall into the category of minor damage.

For Samsung OLED display models, a good OLED panel and a good digitizer must be fully functional. It must not have any black spots/burn marks/green spots or bullet marks. SWAP will still accept mild or moderate aging (shadow/burning), but it falls into the category of minor damage.

Why is there a $5000 Minimum Spending Required ?

With the announcement of the SWAP program and it will be a major industry change, we hope to have a test phase and provide it to current customers who are already lcddisplayrecycling.com customers. This will help the influx of SWAP. Finally, we want to be able to attract all customers and partners, but we want to ensure that all customers are satisfied and available immediately. Don’t worry, we do plan to make the program finally open to a lower threshold amount.

What should I do if I am not yet eligible?

First, you can see if there is a way to make the minimum order of the last 30 days reach $5,000. We are happy to let you join the program, because no matter how you want to start using the SWAP program, you want to provide your customers with initial display inventory, which can basically be “exchanged” for your consumers immediately at the time of collection.

What if the frame is damaged on my Samsung Screens?

Fortunately, all SWAP will have a new framework, so this will not affect the processing of your SWAP program, and we will not punish you for it. However, we do require all Samsung displays to be pre-installed with frames to prevent misoperation during transportation or testing. Any Samsung display without a bezel will be rejected immediately.

Can we swap for a different color?

Currently, we only provide the same display color for the submitted SWAP. In this way, it can help store owners to replenish inventory correctly. The shop owner does not need to figure out what color they are missing, because they will get the same color.

SWAP Inventory different than your regular Inventory ?

Yes it is. SWAP inventory is a complete independent inventory. The plan is something we spent some time on inventory supply in advance and reserved for this. This means that we will not sell out and we will not sell these display models except for our dedicated SWAP customers.

Yes it is. This depends on the cost of heavy core technology and consumables. We will evaluate whether SWAP pricing will be lowered in the future, as this process will allow us to lower prices more aggressively than we do now.