Get the Best for your broken glass LCD screens with LCD Display recycling.

About Us

Under the rapid development of communications technology, people buy a new smart phone about every 18 months on average, and about 400 million units of “e-waste” are produced every year A “Cracked” occurred every day of our life, and about 40 million “E-waste “produced every year! 
Especially for Smart phone LCDs, Tablet Screens, Wearable Screens, Macbook LCD Screens broken every day, all electronics waste are being discarded, even if their protector glasses are actually damaged. Over the past years, LCD Display recycling has made our mission to ensure that every LCD Screen that can be recovered source its right way back to the market as a replacement part. 

Not only Our customer can benefit, but also our customers – companies involved in the repair of smartphones – who generate a new downstream from selling broken screens and procure high-quality reused modules for less.

LCD Display recycling is powered by shenzhenfix, a leading wireless industry provider of aftermarket lifecycle services for electronics, serving leading manufacturers, operators, retailers, repair centers. Market for consumer electronics, customer premises equipment, enterprise network & data storage, mobile and point of sale equipment.

We provide one- stop solution for end of lifecycle service range returns management & fulfillment, testing & grading, repair & refurbishment, asset recovery and trade-in & buy-back including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, iWatch, Macbook.

We offers a preliminary test report and tailor-made repair solution after comprehensive IPQC on every item of the customer. After repair, three strict QC procedures – FQC, OQC, and 100% inspection – follow up. And then the final results together with a detailed report are sent to the customer. With the systematic and improved QC process and service, we ensure high-quality repair experience to customers.

We have developed a number of core technologies that have expanded our annual repair capacity to 120,000 units. Over the years, we have been accelerating our global coverage and now have a business network covering Europe, the Middle East, Asia, etc. We are looking forward to holding hands with customers to create a win-win situation with absolutely leading market share and constant innovation.

Lcddisplayrecycling utilizes production in China and sales and support from the United States and the European Union to provide repair parts supply chain solutions for the enterprise wireless industry. Maintaining quality is the answer to success in this industry. Our motivation in Europe, USA and China is to provide you with internally sourced and quality-controlled products, while meeting your needs and requirements to achieve the highest possible satisfaction. We are committed to growing your business and providing you with supplies and resources to take your business to the next level. With more than 13 years of experience in battery and LCM manufacturing and assembly in China, we have the ability to know what to look for and where to find it. Over the years, our parts have been impressed by the market in terms of quality and clear classification, and we are working hard every day to raise the industry standard. Lcddisplayrecycling is proud of its global reputation in the mobile phone industry.