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Broken iphone XS Screen buyback with lcddisplayrecyclcing

It’s easy to sell your iPhone XS Screens with lcddisplayrecycling

Selling broken iPhone XS Broken LCD Screens ? Look no further than Lcddisplayrecycling, one of the global most trusted buyers! Simply get an instant price and send your iPhone for FREE and we’ll pay you 3-5 working days after goods arrival and inspect goods.

We recycle broken oled Iphone screens working conditions as below, only original recycle.

For iPhoneX/XS/XS Max OELD A grade means Fully Functional OEM screen,

B grade means Fully functional with light shadows or have front glass severely damaged on four corners, C grade means middle shadows , D grade means heavy Shadows. Small Dot grade should smaller than 3mm and on the edge. Full broken= Bad lcd and glass with good flex cable and IC, Bad IC or flex cable will be zero value.

Why sell your screens with lcddisplayrecycling?

  1. 100% Trustful Buyer.
  2.  rich experience in wireless industry.
  3. best price for your cracked lcd screens.

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