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1. Used Apple iPad Pro 12.9” digitizer.

2. All graded acceptable, A, B, C, D, small shadow, medium shadow etc, must be working.

3. Inside LCD not broken.

4. Price negotiable (price have advantageous).

5. Delivery Terms negotiable, we will decide according to integrity suppliers. ( Better shipment on hold or inspected after payment).

6. Payment terms: TT, Paypal.

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  2.  Professional test report, if graded difference with you, we can show you live video or you put stamp before shipment, if not agreed, we can ship back different grade as ours.
  3. QC Team for test screen, test standard as below.
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  5. Graded screen tips.
Grading Definition
A= Fully functional OEM Screen.
B= Fully functional OEM Screen with small dead pixels, backlight, yellow screen.
C= Fully functional OEM Screen with medium shadow with bad dead pixels, stars. Light color marks.
D=Fully functional with OEM Screen with 3D Issues, middle color marks in white or black color page.
No touch or flex issue, means the screen will flash when you shake the flex cable gently.
For Apple Screen A Grade means totally functional OEM Screen, B grade means fully functional with
small shadow or have front glass damaged on four corners, grade C means medium shadows, D means heavy shadows.
Heavy shadow: status bar or icons shadows are very strong in white color, the screens are all pink.
Mixed issues will go to lower grade.
 Insurer                                    Mobile Phone distributor
Mid/Large Repair Center       Phone parts  wholesaler
Electronics Wastes recycler    Refurbisher
Used Apple iPad Pro 12.9”Screen Buyback
We recycle used Apple iPad Pro 12.9”Buyback, we will estimate price according mobile’s working conditions, graded, qty etc.

Used Apple iPad Pro 12.9” Mainboards Boards buyback
Scrap or factory fallout Apple iPad Pro 12.9” Motherboards buyback, we will estimate price according working conditions, qty etc info.
Used Apple iPad Screen Buyback, used Apple iPad Pro 12.9” mainboards recycler, such as from electronics wastes service center, repair service center, factory offline stocks.

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Lcddisplayrecycling buyback Apple iPad Pro 12.9” Screen, Used iPad Pro 12.9”, Used iPad Pro 12.9” mainboards.

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