Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screeen Buyback

It’s easy to sell your Samsung Galaxy S10+ LCD Screen with lcddisplayrecycling

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There are four Samsung Galaxy Screens in the range:

  • Cracked Samsung Galaxy S10+ Screens Buyback
  • Buy Broken Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen
  • Sell Your Samsung S10+ Screen
  • Recycle Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen

you may be wondering how you can get hold of the cracked Samsung Galaxy screens Swap for refurbished factory new screen replacement? Have you thought about trading your old Samsung Galaxy screens for cash? If so, you could get the cash you need to swap to refurbished new Samsung Galaxy Screens, you only pay the difference of repair cost at saving time.

How can I swap for new Samsung Galaxy Screen replacement?

By selling your cracked cell phone screen! When you sell broken Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screens or other cell phone lcd screens you want to sell, you can get the cash you need to swap for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus New LCD Screen Replacements.

Here’s how to sell your iPhone the smart way with lcdisplayrecycling.

  • Tell us the condition of your screens to get an instant price. No auctions, no fees, no hassle!
  • Then, place your screens into a box and ship it using one of our FREE or on your own shipping send options. 
  • With our Fast Payments, you’ll get paid within 3-5 working days after it arrives and we inspect by Direct Deposit or PayPal!

It’s that easy! If you need more information, check out our how it works page.

What Conditions accept?

  • Tested ok screens, only front glass cracked, tested ok.
  • Touch no responsive also accept it.
  • Lines, broken no working not accept it.
  • Lcddisplayrecycling is a leading wireless industry recycler of aftermarket lifecycle services for electronics, serving leading manufacturers, operators, retailers, repair centers. Market for consumer electronics, customer premises equipment, enterprise network & data storage, mobile and point of sale equipment.
  • We provide one- stop solution for end of lifecycle service range returns management & fulfillment, testing & grading, repair & refurbishment, asset recovery and trade-in & buy-back including Iphone, Samsung, ipad, iwatch, Macbook.
  1. Best LCD Buyback price with lcddisplayrecycling.
  2. Professional test report, if graded difference with you, we can show you live video or you put stamp before shipment, if not agreed, we can ship back different grade as ours.
  3. QC Team for test screen, test standard as below.
  4. Get the money from lcddisplayrecycling.
  5. iPhone graded screen tips

Grading Definition


A= Fully functional OEM Screen.


B= Fully functional OEM Screen with small dead pixels, backlight, yellow screen.


C= Fully functional OEM Screen with medium shadow with bad dead pixels, stars. Light color marks.


D=Fully functional with OEM Screen with 3D Issues, middle color marks in white or black color page.


No touch or flex issue, means the screen will flash when you shake the flex cable gently.


For iPhone OLED Screen A Grade means totally functional OEM Screen, B grade means fully functional with
small shadow or have front glass damaged on four corners, grade C means medium shadows, D means heavy shadows.


Heavy shadow: status bar or icons shadows are very strong in white color, the screen are all pink.


Small dot: Small black dot on the edge, the dots less than 3mm.


Big Dots: Big Black dot on the edge, the dots more than 3mm but less than 5mm.


Mixed issues will go to lower grade.


Insurer                               Mobile Phone Distributor
Mid/large repair center   Phone parts wholesaler
R2 Certified Recycler       Refurbisher