Cracked Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Buyback


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It’s easy to sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with lcddisplayrecycling

Selling Cracked Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Phone Screen ? Look no further than Lcddisplayrecycling, one of the global most trusted buyers! Simply get an instant price and Ship your Samsung Screen and we’ll pay you 3-6 working days after goods arrival and inspect goods.

Lcddisplayrecycling purchase all cracked iPhone Oled Screen, Samsung Galaxy Screen, iPad Pro Screen, Airpods, iWatch Screen, Mac Screen etc.

iPhone Oled Screen: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro   iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max,  iPhone XS,  iPhone XR,  iPhone X

Samsung Galaxy Screen: S20 S20 Ultra S20+ Note20 Note20 Ultra S10 S10+ S9 S9+ Note10 Note10+ Note 9 Note 8

iPad Pro Screen: iPad Pro 12.9  iPad Pro 11  iPad Pro 10.5  iPad Pro 9.7  iPad Air 2

Airpods headphone: Airpods Pro  Airpods 2  Airpods 1

What Conditions accept?

  1. Tested ok screens, only front glass cracked, tested ok.
  2. Touch no responsive also accept it, but depend on exact models.
  3. Lines, broken no working not accept it.

Here’s how to sell your Samsung Screen the smart way with lcdisplayrecycling.

  • Tell us the condition of your screens to get an instant price. No auctions, no fees, no hassle!
  • Then, place your screens into a box and ship it using one of our FREE or on your own shipping send options.
  • With our Fast Payments, you’ll get paid within 3-5 working days after it arrives and we inspect by Direct Deposit or PayPal!

It’s that easy! If you need more information, check out our how it works page.

What do you do with the broken LCD screens?

Lcddisplayrecycling processes and tests all LCD screens in Our factory at our facility in Gongguang, China.

All LCD screens are then supplied to our refurbishing operations to recondition phones.

Do you sell refurbished LCD screens?

No. Lcddisplayrecycling purchases broken LCD screens for the use of our own production, if bulk screen repairs, pls go to Screen repair.

Does Lcddisplayrecycling pay for shipping?

Yes, we offer FREE fedex shipping for qualifying orders of 200+ items or order value over $5000.

How do I pack broken LCD screens?

Packing your LCD screens properly is one of the most important ways to ensure you earn the most money for your shipments.

Use bubble sleeves to protect each individual LCD screen if possible.

Fill any empty space in the box with newspaper or bubble wrap to avoid second damage of transportation.

easte lcddisplayrecycling main business

  • Lcddisplayrecycling specialize in electronics wastes recycling, Li-ion Power Battery recycling and electronics components.
  • We provide one- stop solution for end of lifecycle service range returns management & fulfillment, testing & grading, repair & refurbishment, asset recovery and trade-in & buy-back including Iphone, Samsung, ipad, iwatch, Macbook.
  1. Best LCD Buyback price with lcddisplayrecycling.
  2. Professional test report, if graded difference with you, we can show you live video or you put stamp before shipment, if not agreed, we can ship back different grade as ours.
  3. QC Team for test screen, test standard as below.
  4. Get the money from lcddisplayrecycling.