Cracked LCD Screen Buyback

Cracked Samsung Galaxy Screen buyback

Under the rapid development of communications technology, people buy a new smart phone about every 18 months on average, and about 400 million units of “e-waste” are produced every year,

A smartphone screen is “cracked” occurred every day of our life, and about 40 million screens every year!

Most of these LCDs are being discarded, even if protector glass is actually damaged. Over the past years, lcddisplayrecycling already saved every cracked lcd screens into reuse, recovery as aftermarket screen replacement. Not only benefit our enviroment air pollution, but also our global customers.

After your cracked smartphone screen damaged, pls keep it until professional repair technician diagnosis actually damaged or not, so times protector glass or front glass cracked or smashed, but inside screen working without touch,lines, leakage issues, you can swap your used LCD screens to be new screens replacement.

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